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Arranging a Trans-Mongolian Railway trip (even a Trans-Siberian Railway one) can be a bit of a hassle, keeping in mind that you are not able to get a Rail Pass (as we do in Europe), that would allow you to hop on and off the train. Therefore, you need to have the exact itinerary on paper before traveling. Of course, you are able to change your plans while traveling, however, you should consider that your tickets are usually non-refundable (depending on when you cancel them and the ticket type: e-tickets or paper tickets). If you have paper tickets, you need to send them to the company you got them from and they will need to proceed with the cancellation and refund (which can take up to 6 months).

Get ready! You will spend some time on the train, at least one night. Imagine that if you start in Moscow and ending your trip in Beijing, you are railing 7,621km/4,735 miles, which is amazing!

Selecting the best trains might alter your travel plans, especially if you …


I had the chance to spend over a month in the US the last December and what I can say is that never stops surprising me. It was not my first time there, I have been in the States for one year in 2008 as an exchange student in Michigan.
I remember few things when I was in 2008 in Michigan as an exchange student.  My first day of school: nice pants, a nice shirt and high heels. I got to school and the students were wearing  T-Shirts, a pair of converse and end of story. 
I was wearing shirts, skirts a lot of times and I was asked if there is a special even today, maybe it is my birthday. This was a real cultural shock.
However, being based on my experiences, now I see the culture shock differently.
And this is how American lifestyle transited my latest travel experience:
1. People DO NOT walk. I mean, walk from one side to another of the city. If they see you walking, this means you got lost. Interesting, huh? Tested it myself, however you can see a few of them on the street.  Driving a car …


After a long absence due to being in the middle of three jobs, I decided to get back to my travel writing hobby.

Today I want to tell you about the trip I had in June to Montenegro.
I am this type of person that plans the most amazing trips on the last minute and.... by myself. It was a weekend in June, had some days off because of some national holidays in Romania and I was thinking that I NEED to go somewhere (you know that feeling of ''escaping''). So, as I based in Timisoara (Romania, close to Hungary and Serbia) it is easier to get into European countries by any means of transportation.
So, I booked the Timisoara-Belgrade train, then Belgrade-Budva bus. The train tickets were booked locally at a very low rate through an offer called ''Banat Special'', designed to promote the tourism for Romania and Serbia. The bus ticket from Belgrade to Budva was booked here, for only 18 euro per way!
I got safe to Budva (booked a hostel in advance), enjoyed the s…


Venice- the city with 118 islands, 417 bridges where 72 of those are private has a lot to offer no matter of the low or high season.

Today I will share with you how I got to Venice and where I left my luggage for a day trip within the city.

I took the overnight train from Rome to Venice, however, I will admit this was not a brilliant idea. The slow train is not worth the travelling time and gets out all of your energy.

I booked my tickets with Loco2 as they had a better offer than TrenItalia. Book your trip as soon as you are decided on your dates because the prices are increasing tremendously from one day to another. It seems that they are subject to availability (for example, today you can get a ticket Rome-Venice for 9 euros and in a week it can go up to 50 euros). So, first check Train Italia and if the options are not as expected, try some agencies, like Loco2.

Our train departed at 22:35 and arrived at 05:20. A bit early, huh? That's why I recommend to depart at 06:35 and ar…


The Dracula's country (this is the symbol we are known mostly worldwide) has more to offer than you ever could have imagined.

We has as neighbors the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Bulgaria.  Usually, you have no reasons to get out of the country when is about travelling: we have the Black Sea on the East mountains on the middle and the North of the country, fields on the West. The medieval cities kept their structure (like Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, which is an amazing one). 
In 2007, Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture and for 2019 wants to be the European Region of Gastronomy.
But the question is, what do you think of when you say ''Romania''? Before you answer, here are some details not all people know:
1. Petrache Poenaru invented world's first fountain pen.

2. The Romanian scientist Nicolae Paulescu invented the insulin. 
3. The world's first jet aircraft was inv…


The intersection point between Russia and China, Mongolia is a perfect stopover for those who are interested in local culture, sports and recreation or discovering a new way of travelling: spending a day with a Nomadic family.

Most of the nationalities would require a Mongolian visa (there are some exceptions, for example, the citizens of the United States do not need one. Check the details with the Consulate in your country before travelling).

What I find great about Mongolia is that you can combine your experiences into one and you can make it a real adventure: have a hike, visit a local family, go horseriding, take cooking classes for a day or two and spend at least one night in a Ger Camp.

How to get to Ulan Bator?

Depending when you are travelling, you have a direct train from Moscow twice a week (train 004, train 006). There is a daily train from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator (a two-day ride) or depending on the departure day, you can get train 004 or 006 that goes from Moscow.